Indoor air toxicity and your health!

We can offer:

  1. In the case you suspect that your home or work place has an indoor air problem, we can offer indoor air water toxicity assays, which are the revolution to the evaluation of sick buildings! This innovation is patented globally, and is a Finnish innovation, and has only recently become available internationally. I have published international, pear reviewed scientific articles of this method and studies of sick-building syndrome (9 articles till Feb. 2023). This method is the most potent in finding both mycotoxins and harmful chemical compounds from indoor air without the need to open structures of the building.
  2. In addition, we have a significantly better sustainable alternative: there is often no need to demolish the building and build a new one!

See testimonial of the indoor air water sampling method:

My scientific, peer reviewed publications:

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We have plenty of therapeutic services for those who suffer from bad indoor air, or sick-building syndrome (more severe case is called Dampness and mold hypersensitivity syndrome, DMHS):

  1. Laboratory assays, from blood, urine, fecal or saliva samples. These are assayed by accredited laboratories
  2. We can suggest the best choices of those assays for you. When most of the assays need fasting, registration time is needed. Call 040-170 3031!
  3. Hypnotherapy (either as private or for a group of people) 1,5 – 1 hours by Veera Koski (Tel 040-772895, email:
  4. When you have gastric problems, we can perform an intestinal cleansing by using ancient salt wash treatment, which is in use in yoga therapies. With a long scientific carrier in food allergies and intolerances, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) Kirsi Vaali (Adjunct Prof., CEO of the clinic) can help you. Call directly to Kirsi 040-1703031!

Mainly we are not open during weekends.